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En Julio de 2003, Bettina Costa nos envió el siguiente aviso / In July 2003, Bettina Costa emailed us with this advice:

Dear Beercoaster collectors,


In January 2003, Eugeny Bogushev (Suslova st.2/2 - 11 - Nizhny Novgorod, 603106 - Russia - e-mail: or wrote to me and proposed me an exchange. He had several interesting things, in particular coasters from exotic countries. I accepted and sent him my coasters first (end of January), as I normally do, because I wanted the stamps from my package back.

Middle of March I wrote to him and asked if he had already received the coasters. He said he had received them and that he would send his package in a few days.

End of March I wrote to him again, once, twice, three times. No answer.

Middle of April I wrote once again. He answered that he had already sent the coasters and he added that if I didn't receive them in the next weeks, he would send a second package.

May 2003, no notice from the package. I wrote again. He said he would send a second package. That sounded very strange... I mean, normally, if I have to replace a sending that was lost, I don't have ALL the same coasters that I sent the first time specially when they are exotic ones. He could have said: ".... sorry, but that one or this one I have no more... can I send you something else in exchange"??? I thought: "What a lucky guy that has so many doubles, specially from exotic countries!!!! I began to distrust him.... or was perhaps my sixth sense that told me something was wrong?

June: no notice from the coasters, no answer to my mails. It was possible that the first package was lost, but also the second one???? If a package that I sent were lost, I would send the second one registered. I don't  risk to lose twice!! I wrote several times and no answer. I lost my patience and wrote to him that if he didn't send the coasters or if he didn't answer my mails I would warn all the collector I know in Internet about his unserious behaviour.

July 11th 2003: Today arrived the package from Bogushev and to my surprise I found that most of the coasters were FAKES!!!! He printed them on cardboard and cut them with a scissors (not very smart, by the way)!!! You know, after scanning so many coasters, I know something about photo programms and I can recognized if something is real or a copy. The quality of printing is not so good. At first I thought to myself: in some countries they don't have the tools (programms, printers, etc, I mean the professional printers who make this work) to make good quality coasters, so it is possible that the quality of these coasters isn't good. But I compared some of them with other coasters from the same breweries that I have, and I realized that they are complety different in quality.

Two of the coasters have more or less the same colour, (although in the scans that he sent they had different colours) as when a cartridge is almost used up and they don't print in the expected colour. I assume the yellow cartridge was used up. Have a look please at the scan attached. I can see in some of them which have 2-sides, that they are really two cardboards which were pasted together.

It is also possible to see that they were scanned, because some of them have scratches from the use and if you look (againt the light) at the surface of an original coaster which have scratches, you see the scratchs on the surface and you can also feel them with the finger. In these coasters which have scratches, the surface is smooth.

What I have yet discovered! I assume he doesn't have self the coaster from Uzbekistan: he has also a COPY in his collection. How did I realized? He sent the scan from this coaster alone (other coasters he has scanned together, 6 x page and it's possible to see clear the surface over which they are placed). I compared the scan from Bogushev with the coaster in the homepage from Renata Gorska: IT'S THE SAME!!!! This man cheats himself!!!!!!

Another proof that THIS IS THE FIRST PACKAGE that he sent and NO FIRST PACKAGE was sent and lost and NO SECOND PACKAGE was sent or lost: he included the stamps from my package inside. If he had sent a first package, he would have sent the stamps with it, don't you think so?

So, that's only a warning to all of you partner-collectors (with some of you I have already made exchanges): be careful with Bogushev and if you have already exchanged with him, have a look at the coasters you received to see if they are real ones or copies.

And if you happen to receive faked coasters or know from people who have also received them, let other collectors know about it. Denounce the faker. It's the only way to stop faking or in a short time a lot of fake material will be going around all over the world.

Let's try together to get rid of these unserious people who think that because we cannot look at them in the face they can cheat others.

Best regards
Bettina Costa

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